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    A Quantum Leap: Finland Paves the Way in Quantum Technology

    ByThemba Hadebe

    Nov 12, 2023
    A Quantum Leap: Finland Paves the Way in Quantum Technology

    Finland has achieved a remarkable feat by completing its second quantum computer, representing a significant advancement in the field of quantum technology. With this achievement, Finland not only showcases its proficiency in domestic technological development but also demonstrates the successful collaboration among industry players. This breakthrough positions Finland to establish an entirely new industry centered around quantum technology, pointing to immense growth potential in the field.


    1. What is quantum technology?
    Quantum technology is a field that explores and applies the principles of quantum mechanics to develop new technologies. It operates on the principles of quantum superposition and entanglement, which allow for the manipulation of individual particles to perform computations at an exponentially faster rate than conventional computers.

    2. What is a quantum computer?
    A quantum computer is a type of computer that leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to solve complex problems more efficiently than classical computers. It uses quantum bits (qubits) instead of traditional bits to perform calculations. Qubits can exist in multiple states simultaneously, enabling a quantum computer to process vast amounts of information simultaneously and exponentially increase computational power.

    3. How does the scaling up of quantum computers enhance their capabilities?
    Scaling up quantum computers involves increasing the number of qubits, which leads to greater computational power. The more qubits a quantum computer has, the more complex problems it can solve. This advancement opens up new possibilities for tackling challenges across various fields, such as optimization, simulation, and cryptography.

    4. What are the advancements made in the development of Finland’s second quantum computer?
    The development of Finland’s second quantum computer marks significant advancements in the integration, signaling, manufacturing, and packaging methods. These enhancements have enabled the scaling up of quantum bits (qubits) and improved the computer’s computational power. Additionally, the manufacturing method allows for further scalability of the number of qubits, paving the way for larger and more efficient quantum computers.

    5. What is the significance of Finland’s quantum technology achievement for the European quantum ecosystem?
    Finland’s achievement in quantum technology is not only significant for the country but also for the entire European quantum ecosystem. It highlights the commitment of industry players like IQM Quantum Computers to foster collaboration among various stakeholders, attract investments, and support ecosystem expansion. This milestone contributes to advancing the strategic European agenda in the field of quantum technology.

    With the completion of the second quantum computer, Finland has reached a crucial milestone in its national project initiated in 2020. The project aimed to build a functional 5-qubit quantum computer to exhibit Finland’s expertise in this cutting-edge technology. The ultimate goal is to construct a 50-qubit quantum computer by the end of 2024, and the recent achievement sets the foundation for further development and upgrades.

    Looking ahead, Finland is channeling additional funding from the government to pursue even larger goals. Efforts will be directed towards scaling the quantum computer to 300 qubits, bringing the nation closer to realizing quantum advantage. This significant stride will unlock the full potential of quantum computing and pave the way for practical applications across various industries.

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