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    Introducing GEP Quantum: Revolutionizing Procurement and Supply Chains with AI

    BySam Figg

    Nov 12, 2023
    Introducing GEP Quantum: Revolutionizing Procurement and Supply Chains with AI

    GEP, a renowned provider of procurement and supply chain solutions to top enterprises worldwide, has recently made a groundbreaking announcement at their annual global user conference, GEP INNOVATE 2023. The company has unveiled GEP Quantum, an AI-first, low-code platform that is set to revolutionize sustainable procurement and supply chains.

    GEP Quantum harnesses the full power of AI technologies, including generative AI and advanced data management, to offer an unprecedented level of empowerment to non-technical users. With its no-code/low-code development framework, GEP Quantum enables users to leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities without requiring extensive technical expertise.

    Notably, GEP Quantum powers all of GEP’s award-winning work process applications, such as GEP SMART, a leading source-to-pay procurement application for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises. Additionally, GEP Quantum also enhances applications like GEP NEXXE, an innovative supply chain visibility and collaboration platform, and GEP GREEN, a sustainability application that received rave reviews upon its launch last year.

    In the words of Subhash Makhija, CEO of GEP, the boundaries between procurement and supply chain are becoming increasingly blurred as they converge. He emphasizes that sustainability is integral to these processes, rather than being separate from them. GEP Quantum was designed and launched to cater to the evolving needs and aspirations of customers in a rapidly changing world driven by technological, environmental, economic, and political forces.

    Santosh Nair, chief product officer at GEP, further explains that GEP Quantum will be the leading platform for innovation in sustainability, procurement, and supply chain in the coming years. It empowers clients to achieve the ultimate goal of optimizing costs, mitigating risk, and attaining sustainability objectives.

    As the designated platform for flagship software solutions like GEP SMART, GEP NEXXE, and GEP GREEN, GEP Quantum allows clients to leverage AI for enhanced efficiency, automation, agility, and visibility across all procurement, ESG, and supply chain functions. Moreover, GEP’s partners can utilize GEP Quantum’s low-code development studio for app development and access its analytics for advanced data management capabilities.

    The unveiling of GEP Quantum took place at GEP INNOVATE 2023, a prestigious two-day conference bringing together industry experts, practitioners, and thought leaders in procurement, supply chain, AI, and digital transformation. The event featured influential speakers from renowned clients such as Bayer, Mastercard, Caterpillar, Walmart, AT&T, TECO, Meta, and Chevron. Keynote speakers included Babak Hodjat, co-founder and chief scientist of Sentient Technologies; Kay Firth-Butterfield, a leading authority on AI ethics; and Christian Thilmany, senior director of AI strategy at Microsoft.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is GEP Quantum?

    GEP Quantum is an innovative AI-first, low-code platform introduced by GEP that revolutionizes sustainable procurement and supply chains. It combines AI technologies and advanced data management to empower non-technical users and enhance work process applications.

    2. Which applications are powered by GEP Quantum?

    GEP Quantum powers GEP’s acclaimed work process applications, including GEP SMART (source-to-pay procurement), GEP NEXXE (supply chain visibility and collaboration), and GEP GREEN (sustainability). These applications harness the capabilities of GEP Quantum to drive efficiency, automation, agility, and visibility.

    3. How does GEP Quantum benefit clients?

    GEP Quantum enables clients to optimize costs, mitigate risks, and achieve sustainability goals through AI-driven solutions. By applying AI to procurement, ESG, and supply chain functions, clients can achieve maximum ROI and drive innovation.

    4. Who can access GEP Quantum?

    GEP Quantum is available to GEP’s partners, who can utilize its low-code development studio for app development and access its advanced data management analytics.

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