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    Honkai Star Rail: Unleashing the Power of Fu Xuan

    ByByron Bekker

    Nov 11, 2023
    Honkai Star Rail: Unleashing the Power of Fu Xuan

    Fu Xuan, the enigmatic 5-Star Quantum character of The Preservation path, is set to make waves in Honkai: Star Rail Phase 2 of version 1.3. While she may return in future Banners, players have the opportunity to unlock her full potential now. We provide an in-depth look at Fu Xuan’s kit and Eidolons, as well as leaked information on her Ascension and Trace materials.

    Fu Xuan’s kit is built around damage mitigation and healing for her team. As a Quantum character, she excels at providing shields and support. Her basic attack, Nova Burst, deals Quantum damage based on a percentage of her maximum HP to a single enemy. Her skill, Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts, activates the Matrix of Prescience, allowing other team members to distribute 65% of the damage they receive to Fu Xuan for three turns. This matrix also grants the Knowledge effect, increasing the team’s Max HP and Crit Rate. However, if Fu Xuan is knocked down, the Matrix of Prescience is dispelled. Her ultimate, Woes of Many Morphed to One, deals Quantum damage to all enemies and triggers an HP Restore effect. Additionally, her talent, Bleak Breeds Bliss, applies Misfortune Avoidance to the entire team, reducing damage taken. Fu Xuan’s Technique, Of Fortune Comes Fate, provides a Barrier to all team members, preventing enemy attacks and automatically activating the Matrix of Prescience at the start of battles.

    Now let’s delve into the materials needed to ascend and enhance Fu Xuan. To upgrade her health, attack, defense, and critical hit effectiveness, players must collect specific Ascension materials. These include Artifex’s Module, Artifex’s Cogwheel, Artifex’s Gyreheart, Nail of the Ape, and Credits. While the leaked beta information provides the current requirements, please note that these materials may change upon Fu Xuan’s official release.

    In addition to Ascension materials, Trace materials are crucial for enhancing Fu Xuan’s attacks and passive abilities. These materials consist of Tracks of Destiny, Regret of Infinite Ochema, Endurance of Bronze, Artifex’s Module, Artifex’s Gyreheart, Artifex’s Cogwheel, Oath of Steel, Safeguard of Amber, and Credits. Like the Ascension materials, the Trace materials may be subject to change.

    While Fu Xuan brings her unique abilities and potential to Honkai: Star Rail, players should keep in mind that these details are based on leaked beta information. As the game evolves, adjustments to Fu Xuan’s kit and materials may occur. Stay tuned for official updates and enjoy the journey of unleashing the power of Fu Xuan in the Honkai universe.


    1. When will Fu Xuan be available in Honkai: Star Rail?

    While Fu Xuan is the featured 5-Star character on the next Banner, her availability will rotate as the Banner schedule progresses.

    2. Are the leaked materials and kit information accurate?

    The leaked materials and kit information are sourced from beta testing and are subject to change. It is recommended to stay updated with official announcements for the most accurate information on Fu Xuan.

    3. How can I obtain Fu Xuan Ascension and Trace materials?

    Ascension materials can be obtained through various in-game activities such as battles, quests, or events. Trace materials, on the other hand, may require specific missions or challenges to acquire. Keep an eye out for opportunities to collect these materials to enhance Fu Xuan’s capabilities.

    4. Can Fu Xuan’s abilities be further enhanced?

    Yes, Fu Xuan’s abilities can be further enhanced by leveling up her Ascension and Trace materials. By utilizing these materials, players can increase her health, attack, defense, critical hit effectiveness, and overall combat prowess.

    5. What other updates are available in Honkai: Star Rail version 1.3?

    Honkai: Star Rail version 1.3 introduces new content, including Stellar Jade rewards, Imbibitor Lunae, Ministry of Education quiz answers, Star Rail Passes, Stagnant Shadows, and an English voice actors list. Explore the update for a more immersive gaming experience.