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    Democratizing Quantum Computing: The Future of Access to Advanced Computing in India

    BySam Figg

    Nov 11, 2023
    Democratizing Quantum Computing: The Future of Access to Advanced Computing in India

    India’s quantum computing ambitions are taking center stage as the government allocates significant funds towards the development of indigenous quantum technologies. However, the lack of mature quantum computers in the country poses a challenge to advancing these ambitions. Enter Amazon Braket, a platform that could revolutionize access to quantum computers by allowing developers and researchers to test their algorithms on quantum simulators and hardware.

    Access to quantum computers has long been a barrier for researchers due to the cumbersome process of securing time slices and waiting for their turn. Kanishka Agiwal, head of service lines, India & South Asia at AWS, recognized the need to democratize access to quantum computing. By providing access through the cloud, AWS aims to eliminate the requirement of being physically present at a facility that houses a quantum computer.

    To further support India’s quantum computing initiatives, AWS has collaborated with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to establish the Quantum Computing Applications Lab (QCAL). This unique initiative offers quantum computing services to government ministries and departments. The lab has received a considerable number of proposals across different domains, from quantum machine learning to healthcare applications.

    In addition to providing access to quantum computers, AWS is committed to building a skilled quantum computing workforce in India. Partnering with educational institutions like Mahindra University and QpiAI, AWS has introduced quantum-specific programs and courses to train and groom the next generation of quantum technology experts.

    While Amazon Braket currently enables access to various quantum computers from partners like IonQ, Rigetti, OQC, Xanadu, and QuEra, AWS is also developing its own quantum computers. The platform’s simulation component proves crucial in the initial development stage, offering a cost-effective alternative to repeated experimentation on quantum hardware.

    By democratizing access to quantum computers through Braket, AWS is expanding the scope of adoption and experimentation in the field. Any individual with an AWS account and a laptop can now access and explore the possibilities of quantum computing. With its comprehensive range of quantum computers and the inclusion of a simulation component, AWS sets itself apart from other hyperscalers in the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What is Amazon Braket?
    A: Amazon Braket is a platform that provides access to quantum computers and simulators, allowing developers and researchers to test their quantum computing algorithms.

    Q: What is the Quantum Computing Applications Lab?
    A: The Quantum Computing Applications Lab (QCAL) is an initiative established by AWS in collaboration with MeitY, offering quantum computing services to government ministries and departments in India.

    Q: How is AWS contributing to the development of a quantum computing workforce in India?
    A: AWS has partnered with educational institutions and launched quantum-specific programs and courses to train individuals in quantum technology, aligning with India’s National Quantum Mission.

    Q: How does the simulation component in Amazon Braket benefit researchers?
    A: The simulation component provides a cost-effective and accurate initial development stage for quantum algorithms before transitioning to actual quantum computers, reducing time-to-market and minimizing costs.

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