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    Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL): A Risky Investment

    BySam Figg

    Nov 18, 2023
    Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL): A Risky Investment

    Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) has recently been analyzed by InvestorsObserver, and the results reveal its high risk score. This proprietary system assesses a coin’s susceptibility to manipulation by analyzing its price movement, trading volume, and market cap changes within a 24-hour period. With a risk score between 0 and 100, lower scores indicate higher risk, while higher values suggest lower risk.

    InvestorsObserver’s Risk/Reward Score for Quantum Resistant Ledger is alarmingly high. This evaluation serves as a valuable tool for individuals who prioritize risk assessment and aim to make informed investment decisions.

    QRL’s current risk score reflects its status as a relatively high risk investment. Over the past 24 hours, the coin has experienced a significant decrease of 15.80% in price, with its current value standing at $0.13. Moreover, trading volume has been below average, yet the coin’s market capitalization has risen. As a result, Quantum Resistant Ledger now possesses a market capitalization of $8,974,283.01, with $6,310.18 worth of the coin traded during this time frame. This combination of price volatility, trading volume, and market cap changes contributes to Quantum Resistant Ledger’s high risk rating.

    In summary, Quantum Resistant Ledger’s price volatility within the last 24 hours, along with fluctuations in trading volume and market cap, indicates a high risk level. Investors should exercise caution and consider the potential manipulability of this coin.


    Q: What is Quantum Resistant Ledger?
    A: Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is a cryptocurrency that focuses on providing security against quantum computing attacks.

    Q: What is a risk score in cryptocurrency?
    A: A risk score in cryptocurrency evaluates the potential vulnerability of a coin to manipulation by analyzing factors such as price movement, trading volume, and market capitalization changes.

    Q: How is the risk score calculated?
    A: The risk score is calculated using a proprietary system that assesses the impact of various factors on a coin’s susceptibility to manipulation.