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    New Innovations Showcased at Quantum Event as UK Focuses on Quantum-Enabled Future

    BySam Figg

    Nov 12, 2023
    New Innovations Showcased at Quantum Event as UK Focuses on Quantum-Enabled Future

    The UK government continues its commitment to becoming a quantum-enabled economy by 2023, as Science Minister George Freeman announces over £14 million in funding for the country’s thriving quantum sector. This funding will support various projects and initiatives aimed at revolutionizing the application of quantum technology in the UK.

    The National Quantum Technologies Showcase, one of the largest quantum events in the UK, will feature groundbreaking advancements in quantum technology. These advancements have the potential to solve complex problems that are currently beyond the capabilities of classical computers. They will also open up new possibilities in areas such as sensing, timing, imaging, and communications.

    Quantum technologies are devices and systems that utilize the principles of quantum mechanics to provide capabilities that traditional binary computers cannot. These technologies have the potential to transform various sectors of the economy, including drug discovery, defense, fintech, and more.

    The UK government’s National Quantum Strategy, published in 2023, commits an additional £2.5 billion to the development of quantum technologies over the next 10 years. This funding aims to attract at least £1 billion in private investment, further fueling the growth of the sector.

    Some of the key announcements made by Minister Freeman at the showcase include:

    – The launch of a UK Quantum Standards Network Pilot, which will establish global standards for quantum technologies.
    – Over £10 million in funding for six projects focused on accelerating the development of components and systems for quantum network technologies. This will transform the way information is distributed, secured, and processed.
    – Over £4 million to strengthen collaborative research and development with Canada through partnerships aimed at developing real-world quantum technologies for commercial use.
    – The closing of the National Quantum Computing Centre’s £30 million competition, which provides quantum computing testbeds. Additionally, a partnership with IBM will allow users to access IBM’s quantum machines via the cloud.
    – A new science and innovation agreement with the Netherlands to enhance collaboration on quantum research, development, commercialization, investment, and skills.

    The government’s investment in quantum technologies reflects its recognition of the sector as one of the UK’s five transformational technologies. Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionize various fields, including computing, imaging, sensing, cybersecurity, and position, navigation, and timing.

    These advancements in quantum technology also align with the government’s priorities of growing the economy and creating well-paid jobs across the country. Over the next decade, quantum technologies are expected to have a significant impact on various aspects of life in the UK.

    The National Quantum Strategy outlines a comprehensive approach to supporting quantum technologies in the UK. It emphasizes the development of strengths across different hardware platforms, software, and components, as well as reinforcing capabilities throughout the supply chains.

    The UK’s commitment to quantum technologies is evident in recent initiatives, such as the opening of PsiQuantum’s research and development facility at Sci-Tech Daresbury, supported with £9 million in government funding. Additionally, in June, Minister Freeman announced £45 million in funding for universities and businesses involved in the quantum technologies sector.

    As the government drives forward its quantum strategy, the UK is positioning itself as a global leader in quantum technologies. The investments in research, development, and collaboration with international partners are key to unlocking the full potential of quantum technologies and driving innovation in the country.


    What are quantum technologies?

    Quantum technologies are devices and systems that utilize the principles of quantum mechanics to provide capabilities beyond the capabilities of traditional binary computers.

    How can quantum technologies benefit the economy?

    Quantum technologies have the potential to bring significant economic benefits by solving complex problems that classical computers cannot handle. They can also open up new possibilities in various sectors, including drug discovery, defense, and fintech.

    What is the National Quantum Strategy?

    The National Quantum Strategy is a government initiative that outlines the UK’s approach to developing and supporting quantum technologies. It commits significant funding to the sector and aims to attract private investment to drive further growth.

    How will quantum technologies revolutionize different sectors?

    Quantum technologies will revolutionize different sectors by enabling advanced computing, improved imaging and sensing capabilities, enhanced cybersecurity, and precise position, navigation, and timing systems. These advancements will have wide-ranging impacts in fields such as medicine, finance, and national security.

    What is the UK government doing to support quantum technologies?

    The UK government is investing billions of pounds in quantum technologies to drive research, development, and collaboration. It is also establishing global standards through initiatives like the UK Quantum Standards Network Pilot and forming partnerships with other countries, such as the Netherlands and Canada, to enhance collaboration and foster innovation.