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    Nu Quantum Raises £7m to Revolutionize Quantum Networking Infrastructure

    ByThemba Hadebe

    Nov 17, 2023
    Nu Quantum Raises £7m to Revolutionize Quantum Networking Infrastructure

    CAMBRIDGE, 2nd NOVEMBER, 2023: Nu Quantum, the quantum networking trailblazer based in Cambridge, has secured £7 million in a pre-series A round led by Amadeus Capital Partners, Expeditions Fund, and IQ Capital. The funding round also saw increased commitment from seed investors Ahren Capital, Seraphim Capital, University of Cambridge, and Martlet, as well as new investors Presidio Ventures, the National Security Strategic Investment Fund (NSSIF), and Deeptech Labs.

    Nu Quantum is at the forefront of developing scalable quantum networking, which is vital for the advancement of quantum computing and the realization of its full potential across various applications. Current quantum computers have limited capabilities due to the challenges of assembling qubits, their fundamental building blocks, in large enough numbers to solve valuable problems.

    Instead of constructing a single large core, Nu Quantum takes a more efficient approach by interconnecting many smaller cores, each containing thousands to millions of qubits, using a scalable quantum network. Their revolutionary Quantum Networking Unit (QNU) facilitates the seamless scaling of discrete Quantum Processing Units (QPUs), resulting in a more powerful and practical quantum computer. Importantly, Nu Quantum’s technology is compatible with different qubit modalities, expediting the time to market of transformative quantum computing.

    This latest funding round follows a successful seed round of £2.1 million in September 2020, which kickstarted Nu Quantum’s expansion and recruitment efforts. The additional capital will be utilized to deepen collaborations with academia and corporations, as well as accelerate the development of robust and deployable quantum systems.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Nu Quantum and Quantum Networking:

    Q: What is quantum networking?
    A: Quantum networking involves the interconnection of multiple quantum devices to form a scalable and efficient quantum computing system. It serves as the infrastructure that enables the exchange of quantum information between different quantum processors.

    Q: Why is quantum networking important for quantum computing?
    A: Quantum networking is crucial for the advancement of quantum computing because it allows for the integration of multiple quantum processors, increasing computational power and enabling the solution of more complex problems. Without scalable quantum networking, the full potential of quantum computing cannot be realized.

    Q: What is a Quantum Networking Unit (QNU)?
    A: A Quantum Networking Unit (QNU) is a key component developed by Nu Quantum. It enables the efficient scaling of discrete Quantum Processing Units (QPUs) and facilitates the interconnection of multiple quantum cores to form a more powerful quantum computer.

    Q: How will Nu Quantum’s technology accelerate the availability of quantum computing?
    A: Nu Quantum’s technology is designed to be compatible with different types of qubits, allowing for easier integration with existing quantum computing platforms. This interoperability significantly reduces the time to market for transformative quantum computing solutions.

    Q: How does Nu Quantum plan to bring quantum out of the lab and into real-world use?
    A: Nu Quantum is actively collaborating with leading quantum computing companies, governments, and research groups to facilitate the practical implementation of quantum technology. By developing comprehensive hardware solutions for entangled qubit networks and building high-speed computer network interfaces, photonic switching fabrics, and control systems, Nu Quantum is paving the way for multi-core quantum supercomputers and quantum data centers.

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