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    The Trials of Quantum Error: Devs Brave On Despite a Tumultuous Start

    ByThemba Hadebe

    Nov 19, 2023
    The Trials of Quantum Error: Devs Brave On Despite a Tumultuous Start

    Quantum Error, the latest offering from TeamKill Media, has faced a rocky start in its first week on the market. The game has been met with a barrage of negative reviews, attributed to the abundance of bugs and balancing issues plaguing its release. It’s a peculiar situation, as some players have praised the game, comparing it favorably to the acclaimed Dead Space series, while others have expressed their discontent and demanded refunds. Such is the subjective nature of the gaming world we inhabit.

    Despite the onslaught of criticism, TeamKill Media has recently announced that they are diligently working on a hotfix to address the most pressing bugs and glitches. Their aim is to improve the gameplay experience for those who are currently immersed in the sci-fi, alien-hunting adventure, which is currently exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

    Quantum Error’s Challenges

    As of now, Quantum Error holds a lackluster Metascore of 42, with a similarly underwhelming user score on Metacritic of 3.5. In one particularly scathing review, the game was even mocked as a contender for the “worst game of 2023” category, pitted against competitive titles like The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and Skull Island: The Rise of Kong.

    It appears that many players have struggled to grasp the intricacies of Quantum Error, which presents a rather complex narrative intertwined with an intriguing core concept that, unfortunately, seems to have been lost in translation. However, despite the barrage of negativity, TeamKill maintains their resolve and refuses to back down, stating:

    “We are proud of our game and actually take all the criticism as a compliment to be judged against AAA budget games when we are clearly indie with a small budget which creates limitations. For everyone trashing us on social media or rejoicing in trashing us, it won’t stop us or change what we’re doing.”

    Prior to its launch, TeamKill made the decision to scrap the PlayStation 4 version of Quantum Error, deeming it incapable of providing an optimal gaming experience. Currently, the team is focusing on developing the Xbox Series X version, although they have encountered some challenges along the way. Moreover, there is still no confirmed release date for the PC version.

    Despite these hurdles, TeamKill remains undeterred. In fact, they have already set their sights on a sequel to Quantum Error, indicating their unwavering commitment and determination to push forward.


    Q: What is Quantum Error?
    A: Quantum Error is a sci-fi, alien-themed game developed by TeamKill Media.

    Q: What has plagued the game’s launch?
    A: The game has been inundated with negative reviews primarily due to numerous bugs and balancing issues.

    Q: Is there a fix in the works?
    A: Yes, TeamKill Media is actively working on a hotfix to address the most critical bugs.

    Q: What platforms is Quantum Error available on?
    A: Currently, the game is exclusively available on the PlayStation 5, with plans for an Xbox Series X version and potential PC release in the future.

    Q: Has TeamKill Media addressed the criticism?
    A: Yes, TeamKill has stated that they take the criticism as a compliment and are determined to continue their work despite the challenges they face.

    Q: Are there plans for a sequel?
    A: Yes, TeamKill has already announced intentions to develop a sequel to Quantum Error, showcasing their unwavering dedication to the project.