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    Quantum Graphite Ownership Breakdown: A Look Beyond the Numbers

    ByByron Bekker

    Nov 10, 2023
    Quantum Graphite Ownership Breakdown: A Look Beyond the Numbers

    Individual investors are the driving force behind the ownership of Quantum Graphite Limited (ASX:QGL), with a significant 48% stake in the company. These investors hold the largest share and have the potential to gain the most or lose the most from their investment. On the other hand, insiders, such as board members and top-level managers, own 27% of the company, indicating a strong sense of ownership and commitment to its success.

    While institutional ownership is often seen as a measure of a company’s credibility, Quantum Graphite also has a noteworthy presence in this group. However, it is important to remember that institutional investors can sometimes make unfavorable investments, just like any other investor. Therefore, it is crucial to consider other factors, such as the company’s earnings history and future prospects.

    Hedge funds have a minimal stake in Quantum Graphite, while the largest shareholder is currently Chimaera Capital Limited, owning 8.5% of the shares outstanding. Salvatore Catalano and Bruno Ruggiero follow closely behind with an equal amount of shares at 5.9%. The top 18 shareholders collectively hold a majority ownership of 51%, indicating a decentralized ownership structure.

    Analyst coverage for Quantum Graphite is currently limited, suggesting that the stock may not be widely held. It is advisable to explore analyst recommendations to gain a deeper understanding of the stock’s expected performance.

    Insider ownership is seen as a positive signal when it reflects the true commitment and alignment of company leadership with shareholders’ interests. Quantum Graphite’s insiders hold a significant stake, with a value of AU$53 million. This indicates that the founders or top-level managers still possess a considerable number of shares.

    The general public, comprising individual investors, represents a significant portion of Quantum Graphite’s ownership with a 48% stake. While they may not have direct control over company decisions, their influence on the company cannot be overlooked.

    Private companies, accounting for 14% ownership, may have related interests in Quantum Graphite. This could involve insiders having an interest in the company through a holding in a private company.

    Public companies currently hold a 3.0% stake in Quantum Graphite, indicating possible intertwined business interests. This suggests a strategic stake, which makes it worth monitoring for any changes in ownership.

    While ownership breakdown provides valuable insights, it is important to consider other aspects of the company as well. A thorough analysis of the company’s financials, prospects, and potential risks is crucial before making any investment decisions.

    Q: Who are the largest shareholders of Quantum Graphite?
    A: The largest shareholders of Quantum Graphite are individual investors, followed by insiders such as board members and top-level managers.

    Q: Does Quantum Graphite have institutional investors?
    A: Yes, Quantum Graphite does have institutional investors, indicating credibility amongst professional investors.

    Q: What is the ownership breakdown of Quantum Graphite?
    A: The ownership breakdown of Quantum Graphite includes individual investors with 48%, insiders with 27%, private companies with 14%, and public companies with 3%.

    Q: Is Quantum Graphite widely held?
    A: Given the limited analyst coverage and the nature of the company’s ownership, it is unlikely that Quantum Graphite is widely held.

    Q: What is the significance of insider ownership?
    A: Insider ownership suggests a strong commitment and alignment of company leadership with shareholders’ interests.

    Source: Simply Wall St