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    Samsung and IISc-Bengaluru Team Up to Drive Advancements in Quantum Technology

    ByByron Bekker

    Nov 21, 2023
    Samsung and IISc-Bengaluru Team Up to Drive Advancements in Quantum Technology

    In a groundbreaking collaboration, Samsung Semiconductor India Research (SSIR) has joined forces with the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru to establish an innovative Quantum Technology Lab. Spearheaded by Mayank Shrivastava, an esteemed Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE), this cutting-edge facility is set to pave the way for significant developments in the field of quantum technologies.

    The primary objective of the Quantum Technology Lab is to foster technological breakthroughs in quantum research and development. By leveraging a skilled workforce and facilitating collaborative innovation, this lab aims to bolster national competitiveness and revolutionize various industries with its profound societal implications. Balajee Sowrirajan, the CVP & MD of SSIR, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with IISc, stating that this venture will play a pivotal role in propelling India’s focus on quantum innovation to new heights.

    With a strong emphasis on indigenous quantum technologies, the lab will emerge as a hub for talent training and technological innovation. It will provide aspiring students, especially those pursuing higher education in physics, engineering, computer science, and mathematics, with unparalleled opportunities for research experience, hands-on training, and skill development in the realm of quantum technologies. This will not only enhance their employability but also broaden their career prospects in a rapidly evolving field.

    Not only will the Quantum Technology Lab benefit students, but it will also offer invaluable resources and cutting-edge infrastructure to researchers and scientists actively engaged in quantum research. This enabling environment will empower them to push the boundaries of knowledge, make significant contributions to the field, and solidify India’s position as a global leader in quantum technology.

    Furthermore, the lab will be a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and foster strong industry collaborations. By cultivating a dynamic ecosystem for innovation and knowledge exchange, it will pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and practical applications of quantum technology. From integrating cryogenic control chips with qubits, single photon sources, and detectors, to addressing the reliability challenges associated with quantum technologies, this lab will propel advancements in the field.

    The significance of the Quantum Technology Lab goes beyond scientific advancements. It will empower India to compete on a global stage and harness the transformative power of quantum technologies for socio-economic growth. Through this collaboration, India is poised to make its mark on the international quantum technology landscape.


    1. What is quantum technology?

    Quantum technology is a field of science that explores and utilizes the principles of quantum mechanics to develop advanced technologies. It takes advantage of phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to create powerful and unprecedented computing, communication, and sensing capabilities.

    2. What are qubits?

    Qubits, or quantum bits, are the basic units of information in quantum computing. They are analogous to classical bits in traditional computing but differ in their ability to exist simultaneously in multiple states due to phenomena like superposition and entanglement. This property allows for exponentially faster calculations and complex problem-solving capabilities.

    3. How will the collaboration between Samsung and IISc benefit India?

    The collaboration between Samsung and IISc will fuel advancements in quantum technology, equipping India with the expertise and infrastructure necessary to compete globally. The establishment of the Quantum Technology Lab will offer students, researchers, and scientists invaluable resources, training opportunities, and a collaborative environment. This initiative will not only drive scientific progress but also contribute to India’s overall socio-economic growth.