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    Post Malone’s Expanded Tour and DiGiCo Consoles

    ByByron Bekker

    Nov 9, 2023
    Post Malone’s Expanded Tour and DiGiCo Consoles

    Post Malone, the renowned musical artist, recently embarked on his latest tour, featuring a completely reimagined setup compared to his previous solo shows. The tour now includes ten musicians on stage, including a four-piece string section, keys, bass, drummer, two guitars, and Post himself playing acoustic and electric guitars. This new arrangement has necessitated a more complex setup, with 16 stereo in-ear mixes and the absence of traditional wedges. Instead, subs on stage provide the necessary low-end feel.

    Travon Snipes, the trusted audio engineer responsible for Post Malone’s monitor mix, has been relying on DiGiCo consoles for his work. Initially using the Quantum5 desk, Snipes has now transitioned to the Quantum7 to accommodate the expanded lineup of musicians. The switch has allowed him to have quick access to all of his mixes while conveniently locating his control groups beneath. While Snipes carried over some elements from his Quantum5 file, he had to build most of the setup from scratch due to the addition of a full band.

    Snipes also highlights the extensive use of onboard Quantum processing during the mixing process. The Mustard EQ, compressors, DiGiTubes, and audio enhancers available on the console contribute to creating a more authentic and immersive audio experience. Additionally, Snipes takes advantage of the console’s effects, particularly reverbs, to add depth and space to the mixes.

    At the front-of-house, Kevin Brown joins the team, mixing Malone’s show on a matching Quantum7 console. The duo shares two SD-Racks, enabling seamless communication and patching between the monitor world and FOH. The reliability and sound quality of the DiGiCo consoles have been consistently impressive, facilitating a smooth workflow and ensuring that both ends of the Optocore are in sync.

    Snipes, an experienced DiGiCo user, continues to explore the vast capabilities and features of the consoles. He has been diving deeper into snapshot scopes, pushing the limits of programming to accommodate the complexity of the current tour. Snipes also utilizes the talkback features extensively, allowing him to communicate with individual musicians and techs without disturbing others.

    With upcoming Latin American, Asian, and Oceanian tours, Snipes is grateful for the portability of the Quantum-range consoles, which will accompany him wherever he goes. The customizable layout, convenient placement of inputs and outputs, and the ability to program detailed macros have made a significant difference in Snipes’ workflow. He firmly believes that no other console brand can match what DiGiCo offers in terms of versatility and performance.