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    A New Era of Innovation: Exploring the Frontiers of Science and Technology

    ByThemba Hadebe

    Nov 21, 2023
    A New Era of Innovation: Exploring the Frontiers of Science and Technology

    The University of Electro-Communications (UEC) is at the forefront of groundbreaking research and innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, energy, materials science, and quantum computing. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and pushing the boundaries of knowledge, UEC is shaping the future of scientific exploration. Let’s dive into the latest discoveries and advancements that are reshaping our understanding of the world.

    Research Highlights: Nanoscale Turing Patterns and Gamma-Ray Bursts

    In a remarkable breakthrough, researchers at UEC have uncovered nanoscale Turing patterns in a monolayer of bismuth atoms on a substrate. These patterns, originally proposed by Alan Turing, explain the formation of intricate designs in nature, such as animal skin stripes or chemical systems with emerging order. While biological Turing patterns typically occur at larger scales, this discovery opens up new possibilities for understanding pattern formation at the nanoscale.

    Gamma-ray bursts, cosmic events that emit intense bursts of radiation, have fascinated scientists for decades. UEC researchers recently studied the impact of the largest gamma-ray burst ever recorded on Earth, known as GRB221009A. The team examined the effect of this burst on the Earth’s ionosphere, particularly its impact on the propagation of low-frequency and very low-frequency radio waves. Their findings shed light on the interplay between these celestial phenomena and our planet’s atmosphere.

    The Power of Artificial Intelligence and Acoustic Electronics

    Tomah Sogabe, an Associate Professor at UEC, is pioneering the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques in the fields of energy optimization, device design, and quantum computing. Sogabe’s research aims to develop automatic control systems and design schemes that surpass human capabilities, tackling complex tasks that were once deemed impossible.

    Hideyuki Nomura, a Professor at UEC, specializes in acoustic electronics, focusing on applications beyond traditional areas such as speech recognition. Nomura’s work encompasses a wide range of frequencies, from audible to ultrasonic, with the goal of improving various aspects of our lives through innovative acoustic technologies.

    Unveiling Avatar “Yui” and Advancing Interdisciplinary Excellence

    In an unprecedented development, UEC researchers have unveiled an Android Avatar named Yui. Designed as a mobile humanoid cybernetic avatar, Yui represents a significant step forward in teleoperation and human-robot interaction. The versatility of Yui enables its navigation in real-world environments, facilitating social participation and providing operators with an immersive control interface.

    Furthermore, UEC recently hosted the 10th UEC Seminar in ASEAN 2023, a testament to international collaboration and academic excellence. Distinguished researchers, industry leaders, and government officials from the ASEAN region gathered to explore the frontiers of interdisciplinary research and drive innovation in this dynamic part of the world.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are Turing patterns?
    Turing patterns are intricate designs and structures that arise in nature and chemical systems due to the interplay of two components with different diffusion rates. These patterns, proposed by mathematician Alan Turing, can be observed in phenomena like animal skin stripes and emerging order in chemical reactions.

    2. How do gamma-ray bursts affect the Earth’s ionosphere?
    Gamma-ray bursts can have a measurable impact on the Earth’s ionosphere, particularly on the propagation of low-frequency and very low-frequency radio waves. The study of these effects helps us understand the interaction between celestial events and our planet’s atmosphere.

    3. What is the significance of nanoscale Turing patterns?
    While Turing patterns are commonly observed at larger scales in biological and chemical systems, the discovery of nanoscale Turing patterns opens up new possibilities for understanding pattern formation at the atomic level. This finding expands our knowledge of how complex structures emerge in nanostructures.

    4. How is artificial intelligence being applied in energy, materials science, and quantum computing?
    Researchers at UEC, led by Tomah Sogabe, are leveraging artificial intelligence techniques to optimize energy systems, design innovative devices, and advance the field of quantum computing. By harnessing AI’s computational power, Sogabe aims to tackle complex tasks that surpass human capabilities.

    5. What are acoustic electronics, and how are they being utilized?
    Acoustic electronics is a field that goes beyond traditional acoustics and explores applications across a wide frequency range, from audible to ultrasonic frequencies. Hideyuki Nomura and his team at UEC are developing innovative acoustic technologies that have the potential to improve various aspects of our daily lives.


    The University of Electro-Communications is making remarkable strides in the realm of science and technology. Through their pioneering research in artificial intelligence, materials science, energy, and quantum computing, UEC is shaping a new era of innovation. By exploring nanoscale Turing patterns, investigating the impact of gamma-ray bursts, and pushing the boundaries of AI and acoustic electronics, UEC is at the forefront of advancing our understanding of the world around us.

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